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Name: Henny

From: Federal Way, WA

My History: Learned gospel piano theory at 16 from Tacoma, WA gospel legend Lewis Harris; Started making beats at 17 on a ARS-10; Studied Business Management and Graduated with honors from Morehouse College; Started 219 Productions, Inc. from my freshman dorm room with my roommate B.D. Nowden; Moved to LA and started co-scoring films (Two Can Play That Game, Hairshow); First major label beat placement was Lloyd BanksTake A Good Look;”Remixed Jay-Z’s Black Album to get notoriety; After dealing with various management firms that couldn’t get me to where I wanted to be, hooked up with Dow Jones in 2006 and started Tha Bizness Productions, LLC. We started out using Dow’s mixtape series “Play Your Position” to showcase our beats on up and coming new artists and solidified west coast veterans; Linked back up with G-Unit President Sha Money XL via Myspace in 2007 and signed a production deal with G-Unit Records and his management team Teamwork Music; After our stint with G-Unit,  we continued to focus on our brand and took our grind to a whole new level! Now, having working with some of the BIGGEST artists and HOTTEST new acts in the game, we continue to stay CONSISTENT, PERSISTENT, HUNGRY, AND HUMBLE!!!

Skills: Piano, Drums, Drum Programming, Percussions

Gear: Started out on a ASR-10, now using 27″ iMac, Logic, MaschineMaschine MikroKomplete 8, Reason 6, Live Instruments with Axiom Pro 61 Controller, and alot of other gear!!!

Other Passions: Tailored Vintage Fashion, Fedora Hats, Cinematography (Tha Bizness Imagery), Culinary Arts

Personal Mantra: Vision and Belief, With the help of GOD will get me anywhere I want to go in life.


Name: Dow Jones

From: The West Coast (Born In Seattle, Wa, Raised In Los Angeles, Bay Area & San Diego)

My History: From Basketball dreams to the music scene… Started out as a DJ learning the game from my big brother and Seattle Legend DJ Dv One (Official Rock Steady Crew Dj); Moved to Los Angeles and join the Cali Unoutchable Dj’s where i was nominated by Justo’s Mixtape Awards as West Coast Mixtape Dj of the year!! As the mixtape game started to die out gradually made the transition to producing more songs on the tapes with some of the west coast’s biggest artists. Realizing that we were both in need of a change, Henny and I formed THA BIZNESS and have went on to produce for some of the worlds biggest artists: Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Snoop, Nas, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Drake, Young Jeezy, R Kelly, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Ab Soul, ScHool Boy Q, Ice Cube, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, T Pain, Rick Ross, Birdman, Pusha T + many more. Recently we have also started to do more Tv/Film Scoring: T Pain’s Freaknik Cartoon Special, A Spot With Ice Cube & Coors Light and Espn/Abc’s Primetime Saturday Football featuring 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland & Perry Farrell!!

Skills: DJ, Drum Programming

Gear: Started on a Akai Mpc 2000XL, now using Reason 6, Logic, Maschine & Maschine Mikro, Komplete 8, Canon 5D Mark II & a iPhone

Other Passions: Have been a professional photographer for almost 5 years (Tha Bizness Imagery). Also still an avid sports fan an continue to play basketball at least 4 times a week!!

Personal Mantra: Hard work and strong belief in self and the vision of where you want to go will take you to heights you could never imagine. Everything is possible if you put your heart, mind, sweat and soul into it!!

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  2. Dear Tha Bizness,
    I’m an 18 year old college student from Seattle, Washington and am currently going to Shoreline CC and attending their music production program. In my Career Development class I was given the assignment to interview someone who makes their full living from music in some way. I thought of quite a few people but finally singled it out to you guys simply because I’m a big fan of your work and would love to meet up and learn a little bit more about how you guys live your lives. I live on Capitol Hill and have a farely free schedule so if you guys would be able to possibly meet up and get some coffee/lunch it would be greatly appreciated! Also I just wanted to say that your work is inspiring for us young producers trying to make a name for ourselves, keep doin’ you! 206-830-0081 call/text me anytime, or email me at crockpotproduction@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance,
    Jake Crocker

  3. Yes! Yes!! much Love and respect to ya’ll for the production on Dev’s new album “One For The Road” (I’m Just Gettin’ Blowed). I am King Ace; the musical director/bassist/song writer/producer for Devin The Dude & the Coughee Brothaz’ live band “The Council”. it’ll be cool if we can get some collaboration work in together. hit me up: fullhandofacesent@gmail.com

  4. Hey, i’m an aspiring producer from the Bay Area (San Jose) to be specific and i was wondering how i could possibly be tutored/mentored by you both to help develop myself as a producer and solidify my name in the music industry. My passion for my music is endless and i hope you guys would be interested in helping. Any reply is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

    Currently using HP Laptop, FL Studio 11 Producer Edition, Akai MPK Mini

  5. Currently overseas in Afghanistan in support of the U.S. mission and saw the spot you shot with the AFN Network. After serving our country and our service and giving them numerous years I am fully interested giving the world my musical talents. I am trying to connect with the best and you are that. Any insight, direction, vision, critique, etc you could give that would help or make me better I am open to.

    Sicx Five (Dallas, Texas /Bagram, Afghanistan)

  6. My friend advised We would quite possibly like this weblog. He or she appeared to be totally appropriate. This kind of offered really designed this day. You are unable to feel basically how so much moment I’d wasted just for this data! Thanks!

  7. Henny, Dow what’s good, first off I just wanna say I’m not approaching you guys with my hand out waiting to receive a gift lol. I just wanna thank you guys for being such an inspiration to my career as well as to the producer community as a hole. I think with the quality of work that you guys consistently bring to the table along with the more saturated sounds from some other producers, it balances the music culture for consumers and creators simultaneously. As a fellow producer I admire the more organic sounds that defines tha bizness, I also strive for a sound similar (commercial, but not flat out copying lol). If you guys are interested in hearing anything you can reach me at dalonte39@gmail.com or call me at 216-889-3183…. btw do y’all, keep killin them lol

  8. Hi,
    I would like to know how much does it cost to make one soundtrack ?
    Best Regard’s
    Thank’s you

  9. Greetings Tha Bizness!,
    My name is Shaun and I am a songwriter/producer/musician from Atlanta Ga. I was raised in Stone Mountain. I have had the pleasure of doing an internship with Grammy Nominated Nitti (Nittibeatz). I play about 10 instruments and studied music. With Nitti, I saw the world of production and studio and contributed to a lot of successful projects. I would love the opportunity to present some work that I have done and learn if I could collab with you. It would be an honor to hear from you!

  10. I need to get that first Eclipse and tha Loc album. The 219 productions one that was all produced by j-hen. i bought the CD at a show i went to from some guy for like $5 and its still my favorite album of all time. I lost it and i cant find a copy anywhere. I dont mean the 253 pt. 2 album, im takling about the one the earlier album that was sampled in the 253 pt 2 intro track. please please tell me where i can get a copy of that album!

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  12. Tha Bizness,
    hello sir. I don’t know how often you are on here but I hope this gets to you. I have a tracked produced by you, given to me by one of my guys and I think you will enjoy the demo we pressed up for it. We are still working on getting a good reference for it but if you would like, I would love to send it to you. Hope to hear from you soon.

    God Bless


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