Our Partial Discography… We’ll Update As Songs Get Realeased!


┬áSome of the album Art…

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  2. Hey guys, I’ve been listening to your music since you guys hit the main stage, I’m a huge fan. My name is Andrew Poirier and I’m currently deployed in Kandahar Afghanistan for a year, I leave in October of this year. I just saw your AFN shout out to the troops and heard you say if we need anything let you know. This might be a long shot, But me and my boys out here are lacking some up to date video game systems. Could you hook us up with a PS4 and maybe a few games? All we have out here is a Nintendo 64 and it’s really boring. We have 7 months left and we need some escape so time will fly by Fast for us. If not I appreciate you reading my email and taking the time to show us some love on AFN.

    Andrew Poirier
    Comkaf HQ/FP
    APO AE 09355

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